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Protect the Habitat of a Provincial Emblem

Dear Supporter,

When you think of northern Manitoba, what’s the first animal that comes to mind?

For many, it’s the majestic — and threatened — polar bear.

Manitoba introduced legislation on October 8 to add the polar bear as an official emblem. But what’s an official emblem if it doesn’t exist for people to appreciate? Manitoba has lost a third of its polar bear population in the past 20 years. We need to protect their habitat if we want this animal to continue to be a symbol of the North.

The Manitoba government has proposed a massive provincial park stretching from Churchill all the way to the Ontario border. Northern First Nations are working to establish Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas in the region. These initiatives could protect polar bear birthing dens, along with other critical habitats for a wide array of wildlife. Ensuring the continued health of terrestrial polar bear habitat in northern Manitoba is critical to maintaining a healthy and prosperous north for the communities of people and wildlife that live there.

Sadly, the provincial park process has been stalled for years. Mining companies are moving into the region, seeking exploration licences and staking claims.

But it’s not too late — with your help, we can tell the government to revitalize the stalled process. We can also ask them to support the protection efforts of regional First Nations. Click here to send a letter today.

Thank you for joining us in the fight to protect polar bears.

Yours in Conservation,


Ron Thiessen
Executive Director
CPAWS Manitoba


Clean Up Litter and Win a Doughnut Party!

We’ve prepared all the materials you need to create a fun and educational opportunity for children to get outside and help make their neighbourhood a healthier place to live through the Student Litter Cleanup Challenge. The challenge is open to all schools, homeschools, daycares, and youth groups in Manitoba. This can be done remotely or in person.

Three randomly selected classes/groups will win an Oh Doughnuts classroom party or will receive treats from a local bakery if the school is outside of Winnipeg. Click here to learn more. Send the link to an educator you know!

Quality Programming that Connects Kids to Nature

We are offering outdoor learning workshops to help children get outside and appreciate the wonders of nature. The programming was developed by Environmental Educator Avery Kash, a former high school science teacher who has a decade of experience working with children and youth aged 5 to 18 as both a classroom teacher and a camp director. Click here to learn about daycare workshops, and click here to learn about school workshops.

Learn about Raising Monarchs, Endangered Plants, and More!

Nearly 4,000 people have joined us for our free webinars this year — thank you all for tuning in and learning about Manitoba nature alongside us! Click here to see the full list of upcoming events, including webinars about monarch butterflies, and rare and endangered plants in Manitoba

ShowYour Support for Connecting People to Nature

More than 5,500 people participated in CPAWS Manitoba Nature Club activities like webinars, paddle nights, and daycare programs in 2021. Please help us continue to connect people to nature. Any amount is appreciated. Tax credit receipts are issued for gifts of $20 or more. Click here to donate today.

Need-to-Know Nature News

Here are some of the articles that have caught our attention recently:

  • With the help of CPAWS Manitoba, Peguis First Nation, and several Interlake commu­nities, the Fisher River Cree Nation Conservation Areas Initiative aims to protect the health of the natural land­scape while creating sustainable eco­nomic opportunities. Click here to read more.
  • Curious how forest bathing and nature mindfulness can support your well-being? Click here to learn about these practices and to find out how to get started!
  • Nature play is unstructured play in natural settings, involving child-led interactions with nature. Research shows nature play is a highly effective way of embedding STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in early childhood education. Click here to read more.
  • A nature prescription program has been launched in Manitoba. Being outside for two hours a week in intervals of 20 minutes is proven to reduce stress. Click here to read more.

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