Celebrating how you helped animals you helped in 2021.
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Dear friend,

2021 was another challenging year, but with your support we made it an important year for animals.

For the first time, we made animal welfare an election issue in Canada! This big step forward is thanks to your support and taking action to show your local representatives how important animal welfare is to all of us.

With your support, we released two ground-breaking reports. We released the first of its kind report on Canada’s role in the wildlife trade and a shocking report exposing the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from factory farms in waterways. We are using these reports to show changemakers that it is time to change how we treat animals, from the global trade of wild animals to the food systems that confine farm animals.

From elephants in Thailand to anteaters in Brazil, thousands of animals are benefiting from emergency aid that you made possible.

Together, we kept the pressure on PetSmart, KFC, Expedia and other corporations to stop supporting animal cruelty and support positive change for animals. Thanks to supporters like you, our three-year campaign against Expedia was a success. Moving these big companies can take a long time but they are a big influence on the welfare of millions of animals. None of this would be possible without you!

As we reflect on the year, we are reminded that none of our work and achievements would be possible without you.

Hear from Melissa Matlow, our Campaign Director about how important these changes are for animals:

On behalf of everyone at World Animal Protection and the animals you help, thank you!

Our ambassador shares simple tips for a more sustainable festive season

It’s estimated Canadians produce 25 per cent more waste during the holidays with food waste and holiday wrapping as main contributors. But don’t panic, it is possible to have a green holiday that is joyous and still steeped with treasured family traditions.

Leading eco-advocate and World Animal Protection Canada Ambassador, Candice Batista, shares her top five tips for a more sustainable festive season.

Our wish list for Jahn and other elephants

Thanks to you, we have been supporting 11 sanctuaries in Southeast Asia that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. These rescued elephants are living their second life, one without bullhooks and chains. They are also part of a better future for elephants, one without cruel tourist entertainment like rides and shows.

Across the world, people are turning away from these cruel activities and opting for humane tourism. We are making an impact and these elephants are walking proof, but the pandemic continues to throw challenges at us. With tourism still halted, we will not forget these elephants.

To help these elephants, we wrote up a wish list that will provide safety and security for them through the holiday season.

How 2021 put a spotlight on the exotic pet trade:

The exotic pet industry is becoming more and more exposed and what is revealed is a destructive trade which is harmful to animals, humans and our environment. Read our blog by Michèle Hamers, our Wildlife. Not Pets Campaign Manager about what she saw this year.

Listen to our podcast: Animals Are Calling

We’re excited to share that our global organization has launched a podcast. Each episode, Carly Squires, our global content coordinator, is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the biggest issues affecting animals, people and the planet. From global pandemics to the climate crisis – we’ll hold the systems behind the cruelty responsible, and discover practical ways in which we, together, can change the way the world works to end animal suffering.

Listen now:

Top 3 reasons a year-end gift helps you and animals:

By giving a year-end gift you can help protect animals from cruelty and suffering while being eligible for a tax credit. It is a win-win for you and vulnerable animals!

Hear about the many benefits of year-end giving from our Development Manager, Sharon Nicholson and our Donor Relations Manager, Tiffany Oliveira.