30 years of protecting bears, Jane Goodall Bill is back in the Senate and more!
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Dear friend,

For over three decades we have been working, alongside our partners and supporters like you, to end the suffering of bears worldwide.

In 1992, we launched the ‘Libearty’ campaign following our investigations of bear cruelty and suffering across Asia. This included our creation of the first-of-its-kind bear sanctuary, where bears live peacefully and close to nature.

Learn more about what we’ve accomplished since then, including our establishment of bear sanctuaries, our fight against bear baiting and bear dancing, and more.

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Canadian project wins this year’s Joanna Toole Ghost Gear Solutions Award!

Established in 2019, the Joanna Toole Ghost Gear Solutions Award honours Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) co-founder, United Nations worker and former World Animal Protection campaigner, Joanna Toole, 36, whose life was tragically taken in the Ethiopian airlines crash in March 2019.

Two innovative initiatives to tackle ghost gear (abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear), have been selected as the winners of the third annual Joanna Toole Ghost Solutions Award – the Coastal Restoration Society in Canada and the Myanmar Ocean Project.

Learn more about these organizations and their initiatives, especially the Coastal Restoration Society in Canada and their partnership with Maaqutusiis Hahoulthee Stewardship Society Ahousaht and British Columbia Parks to clean up ghost gear in their waters.

The historic ‘Jane Goodall Bill’ is back in the Senate!

Earlier this month, we saw the most sweeping animal protection legislation in years be introduced in the Senate. We estimate that the private Members’ Bill would significantly restrict the ownership of more than 800 species of wild animals in Canada and effectively end roadside zoos here. This Bill would make Canada a global leader in protecting wildlife and animal welfare.

Learn more about the Bill and our role, which includes your support and advocacy!

We celebrated International Women’s Day with our Chair of the Board

Earlier this month, we celebrated International Women’s Day with the Chair of the Board for World Animal Protection Canada, Maureen Armstrong. In case you missed it, here’s our Q&A with Maureen.