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There is a long history of honours list scandals

How honourable are honours lists?

Considering the contentious nature of these honours, it might be a good time to take a look over the long history of honours list scandals and ask the question – should Prime Ministers have the power to hand out seats in our parliament?

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The Government needs to scrap this ill thought through and unnecessary scheme

Now we know at least 14,000 were blocked from voting, voter ID should be scrapped

The Electoral Commission have published their provisional report on the rollout of voter ID. One figure stands out from their research: 14,000 eligible voters were denied their democratic right to cast their ballots on polling day.

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ERS Rules tennis

Should the ERS look at the rules for… Tennis?

As tennis players line up for the Wimbledon semi-finals, and candidates hit the doorstep for multiple by-elections, we’ve been thinking about how useful sporting analogies are when it comes to politics.

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A step forward for democracy in Wales

Welsh Government to introduce progressive electoral reforms

Last week in the Senedd, First Minister Mark Drakeford announced the Welsh Government’s plans for legislation for the next year. This covered eight new bills which the government hopes will become law.

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Coverage we've won

Every week we are in the press making the case for the causes you care about. The ERS's Willie Sullivan spoke to PoliticsHome about how donation figures “throw into sharp relief just how crony-laden the Lords’ appointments system has become”. and told Politico that “Hereditary legislators are something that belongs to the 17th century, not a modern 21st-century democracy.”

Dr Jess Garland, Director of Policy and Research for the ERS told Byline Times how “One person being stopped from casting their rightful vote [due to voter ID] is one too many” and told the Independent that the government should "scrap this ill-thought-through and unnecessary scheme before the next national election".

Our issues in the news

Safe Seat of the Week

Chris Pincher MP is facing an eight-week suspension after Parliament's standards committee found he groped two men last year. The sanction will need to be endorsed by the whole House of Commons. Here is how his seat of Tamworth voted in 2019.

Bury South


64.3% Turnout
505th Smallest Margin of Victory
599th Smallest Share of the Vote Needed to Win

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