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We are really happy to share with you some brand new resources!  

First up, watch our Fairtrade school film that explores how Fairtrade farmers in Colombia are using the Fairtrade Premium to help tackle the consequences of climate change.

Film - Fairtrade and climate change - Fairtrade Schools



Then check out our updated Fairtrade map showing key Fairtrade commodities and their country of origin. 

Use this resource to encourage students to think about where the foods they love comes from and the social and environmental issues related to growing these foods.


The map has been designed so you can print it up to an A2 size to use as a display, and it includes QR codes that take you to factfiles with further information about the commodities. Find the map and other supporting resources here Fairtrade map - Fairtrade Schools




Andy Ashcroft from Koolskools, suppliers of school uniforms made from Fairtrade cotton, recently visited Fairtrade-organic farmers in India. He's kindly shared an account of his trip:
The Koolskools sustainable supply chain is based in India. Last November, during the cotton harvesting season, co-Founder Andy Ashcroft spent a week with the Fairtrade-organic cotton farmers picking cotton and learning more about how the Fairtrade Premium makes such a practical, positive difference to the lives of the cotton farmers and their communities. 

Andy was briefed by representatives of a Fairtrade Co-operative based at the Fairtrade-organic cotton farming village of Aliguda (Utnoor District, Telangana) about how the cotton storage facility used by the Aliguda farmers had resulted in the farmers being able to store their cotton, collectively and in preparation for sale on Fairtrade terms, in the storage facility funded by the Fairtrade Premium. This may not sound particularly special for the farmers until you learn that the vast majority of small scale cotton farmers in India have to store their cotton before sale, sometimes for several months, actually in their modest homes (see the two photos below). The Faitrade premium-funded cotton storage facility not only solved this major domestic imposition for the farming families, but outside of the cotton harvesting and selling months of October to January, the storage facility was used as a venue for Fairtrade Cooperative meetings, community gatherings, training on better organic farming techniques, and so on.


“The vast majority of small-scale Indian cotton farmers have no choice but to store their cotton during the harvest season like this, in their homes.”

The new cotton storage facility

The cotton storage facilty was one of many community projects funded by the Fairtrade Premium that Andy witnessed "in action" during his visit. Another was a fresh drinking water facility at Ashram Residential High School for Girls (Jainoor District, Telangana), where 80% of the 560 girls are daughters of Fairtrade-organic cotton farmers.

Koolskools sponsored a painting competition amongst budding artists from Year Groups 6 to 10. The task was for the girls to paint a picture of some of the special things about their cotton growing communities that they might want to share with Fairtrade schools in the UK. As you can see form the photos below, the results were inspiring, and the artistic talent, using the most basic of materials, was remarkable!" 

Find out more about Koolskools' Fairtrade uniform here


If you are in the Greater Manchester area why not join local Fairtrade groups and supporters in this fantastic event taking place in Rochdale on Saturday March 16.

More details on the event here Fairtrade – Fairer Future. | Facebook


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