Electoral Reform Society Plus: Scottish Government refuses to recommend consent for Elections Bill
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Keir Starmer needs to live up to what he said in his leadership campaign

80% of CLP back PR but motion falls at Labour Party Conference

Support for proportional representation among Labour members is not going away. Had the leadership backed this call from members as they backed other reforms this week PR may now be Labour Party policy. Next year, let’s make sure the unions and leadership back them as well.

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Labour Party Conference Fringe

“The future is going to be negotiated, not dictated”: Labour figures speak out for PR

“We can’t build a just society on rotten democratic foundations,” the ERS’ Jess Garland told Labour conference on Monday. The vast majority of local party delegates agreed – with 80% backing a motion for Labour to support a shift to a proportional voting system. 

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The Holyrood Government is right to oppose it and should hold firm

Scottish Government refuses to recommend consent for Elections Bill

Deputy First Minister John Sweeney lodged a ‘legislation consent memorandum’ in the Scottish Parliament this week which recommends that Holyrood does not give consent to the Elections Bill. 

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