Electoral Reform Society After abstaining at Labour conference, Unite the Union now supports reform
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Just weeks after Labour Party members overwhelmingly supported a motion in support of proportional representation, (a motion that ultimately fell due to lack of support from the unions), Unite has passed a motion to oppose first Past the Post at its own conference. This is a major step forward in sifting the position of the Labour party towards reform - find out more below.

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Unite voted to support Proportional Representation in Westminster

Unite vote to oppose First Past the Post hailed ‘important shift’ in campaign for fair votes

Unite members have voted to oppose Westminster’s First Past the Post electoral system, pledging support for moves towards a new voting system in UK elections.

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The government should pause and think again about this legislation

Expensive Voter ID scheme is neither necessary nor proportionate

Whilst the government claims the bill will increase ballot security, all evidence points to these voter ID proposals being harmful to voter access and electoral integrity as the US experience demonstrates.

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