A groundbreaking law just passed

Dear Morgan ,

A groundbreaking law has just passed in the ACT. It’s the first state or territory in the country to legally protect intersex people from unnecessary surgeries without their consent.  

This is a law that can be replicated across the country, building on its model of consultation and centring the rights of intersex people.  

Too often, intersex people, often children are subject to medical treatments, including surgeries that can have lifelong consequences including incontinence, incorrect gender assignment, lack of sexual function and infertility.  

Now the ACT has demonstrated what can be achieved to protect the rights of intersex people in a tremendous step forward for the LGBTIQ+ community.  

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Historic moment: ACT just passed Australia first laws protecting intersex people

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Intersex people are born with variations in sex characteristics that don’t fit social or medical norms for male or female bodies. Globally there are calls to end harmful medical interventions on intersex people without their consent.  

The ACT has taken a huge step towards achieving this today.  

Curious about the details of the new laws? The ACT bill includes:  

  • Restrictions on medical treatments that alter the sex characteristics of intersex people except with personal consent, in emergencies, or when authorised by an independent assessment board.  

  • The creation of an independent assessment board with committees comprised of people with lived experience and experts in medicine, human rights, ethics and psychosocial support.  

  • Offences and other regulatory provisions that enforce these principles.  

Equality Australia will continue to push for laws that protect intersex people across the country to build on this wonderful win today and stop more unneccessary surgeries.

Thanks to everyone who showed their support, signed petitions, contacted politicians and shared their stories. It’s because of the whole community that we are here today.  

Best wishes,

Anna Brown

CEO, Equality Australia