Government opens door for unpopular or extreme candidates slipping in on a fraction of the vote
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Electoral Reform Society

Dear Friend,

While the UK's press were distracted by yesterday's reshuffle, the government quietly released plans to restrict voters’ choices for Mayors and Police and Crime Commissioners.

If the proposals go ahead, the current Supplementary Vote method used to elect Mayors and Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales would be removed and First Past the Post imposed.

Ministers are trying to slip this into the Elections Bill – which is already part of the way through the scrutiny process in the House of Commons.

In practice, that means voters will be stopped from expressing a second preference, and candidates could slip into offices across the country on a fraction of the vote, instead of needing wide popular support.  

If the government is sure of this move, why try to avoid scrutiny?

The government is sneaking in this major change to how we vote because they don't want people to know about it. Can you help us spread the word?


Best wishes,
Jess Garland,
Director of Research and Policy,
Electoral Reform Society

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